Expert Advice: How To Choose Your Perfect Skateboard


Discovering Your Ride: A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Skateboard


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Ride selection: A lot to consider

Choosing the right skateboard is much like a puzzle, and it is derived from factors such as individual goals, riding style, and personal preference. Picking an inappropriate skateboard can be a considerable deterrence in enjoying the sport.

Here, let me explain some key aspects you should consider:

  · Skateboard Type:

Skateboards commonly come in three types - street, longboards, and cruisers. If you're looking to do tricks or want a portable board, the street skateboard would be a perfect fit. On the other hand, longboards and cruisers are better for those looking for speed or fun leisure cruising.

  · Deck Material and Size:

Normally, decks are made from 7 to 9 layers of plywood, with maple being the most common type. For size, it's good to initially look for a deck width that matches your shoe size. Remember, a wider deck provides more stability, but might be tougher to maneuver.


Wheels and Trucks: Riding style matters

When it comes to wheels, their size and hardness can impact your riding style. Larger wheels reach faster speeds but are less agile, while smaller wheels are slower but offer quicker acceleration and better maneuverability.

For trucks, their width should be as close as possible to the width of your deck. The height also matters depending on your riding style.


It's about personal preference

In skateboarding, sometimes the best guide is your intuition. Make sure to try out different boards to feel what works best for you. Get some advice from more experienced skateboarders and see what they suggest for your style and goals.


In conclusion, choosing the perfect skateboard is about understanding your individual needs and picking a board that complements your style and goals. Enjoy the ride and remember, it's all about having fun in the process!

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